Shoe Factory


T&F Slack Shoemakers is the only shoe brand able to offer classic English styles made in the heart of Notting Hill. In a bid to move shoe manufacturing back to London, we began crafting shoes in our 500 sq/ft factory in March 2009 and today make about 150 pairs per month. The space where the people work houses an eclectic mix of machinery. This includes what we consider to be manufacturing museum pieces that we have salvaged from shoe factories as well as simple, modern machinery that we have customised to meet our needs.


With T&F Slack Shoemakers we wanted to harness what little was left of London shoemaking. Our goal was to help pass on these important skills to the next generation. So far we've managed to track down craftspeople in the East End of London who now mentor the young men and women who work for us - mostly graduates of Cordwainers College, the famous London college that specialises in shoes.

6 Buspace Studios, Conlan Street London W10 5AP | TEL: +44 (0)208 206 6006 | EMAIL:

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